World war I Service Men & Women

Surnames: A - D

Last Name Given Names Hometown Category Page Additional Information

Adams Raymond Auburn France 310

Aho Louis Rocklin France 312

Aho Louis Leonard Rocklin enlisted 306

Albonos Harold Forest Hill Divide France 311

Albonos Harold Calvin Michigan Bluff enlisted 306

Albright Dan Auburn France 310

Albright Daniel Auburn enlisted 306

Albright George Auburn France 310

Albright Grant Auburn France 310

Alcantra D. Roseville inducted 307

Aldrich Hallis Frederick Roseville enlisted 306

Alexson Del Rocklin France 312

Alexson Hialmar Rocklin inducted 307

Allen F. L. Penryn inducted 307

Anderson Edward Clarence Blue Canyon enlisted 306

Anderson R. A. Roseville inducted 307

Andrade Joe G. Ophir inducted 307

Armes Fred J. Newcastle inducted 307

Armes George Newcastle inducted 307

Armes Manuel Raymond Newcastle training camp 310

Aske Archie Loomis enlisted 306

Auger Anthony Newcastle enlisted 306

Avery J. C. inducted 307

Ayers John M. Auburn inducted 307

Aymar Robert Auburn France 310

Bacon William D. Colfax inducted 307

Bailey William Roseville enlisted 306

Ballestero F. V. Towle inducted 307

Banbrock Walter Auburn enlisted 306

Banks M. H. Roseville France 312

Banta Stanley C. inducted 307

Barkhaus Benjamin John Auburn inducted 307

Barnes Louis Forest Hill Honor Roll 313 U.S. Army

Barnes Louis Forest Hill casualty 312 died while serving in the armed forces

Baroli John C. Colfax inducted 307

Batchelor Ensign Harry Applegate France 310

Batti Pellegrino Van Trent enlisted 306

Bayliss Charles Lincoln inducted 307

Bell Eugene Auburn enlisted 306

Benjamin William C. Colfax inducted 307

Bentz William Jacob Roseville enlisted 306

Berriman L. P. Auburn inducted 307

Bertenshaw J. W. Auburn France 310

Bertenshaw James Auburn enlisted 306

Bertillo Henry Sheridan inducted 307

Bilderback D. Lincoln France 311

Bisbee Gilbert Auburn France 310

Blackie Edwin Earl Lincoln inducted 307

Blair J. McF. Roseville inducted 307

Bledsoe H. W. Roseville inducted 307

Boardais Alfred Rocklin enlisted 306

Bobo Floyd L. Auburn inducted 307

Bobo Raymond Auburn Honor Roll 313 U.S. Navy

Bobo Raymond Auburn casualty 312 died of pneumonia

Bobo Raymond Auburn enlisted 306

Bock Robert Alma Loomis inducted 307

Bohme Emil Lincoln inducted 307

Bond Charles Auburn inducted 307

Bond Charley Auburn France 310

Borgen R. J. Roseville inducted 307

Bowen George Dutch Flat inducted 308

Bowman I. L. Forest Hill Divide France 311

Boyce Albert Auburn France 310

Boyce Albert Alex Auburn enlisted 306

Bradbury Roscoe inducted 308

Bradley L. R. Penryn inducted 308

Bradley Linton Penryn France 312

Bradway C. W. Roseville inducted 308

Bradway Clayton W. Roseville Honor Roll 313 U.S. Army

Bradway Clayton W. Roseville casualty 312 died while serving in the armed forces

Brennan Arthur Loomis enlisted 306

Brenton James Rocklin France 312

Brenton James Edward Rocklin enlisted 306

Briggs Guy E. Roseville France 312

Bristow C. O. Roseville inducted 308

Bristow Orion Roseville France 312

Britton Emmett Colfax France 311

Britton Emmett Nicholson Colfax enlisted 306

Brown Lawrence de Young Forest Hill enlisted 306

Brye Chester E. Auburn enlisted 306

Brye Lester Emil Auburn training camp 310

Buchanan H. Auburn France 310

Buchanan Howard Lincoln Auburn enlisted 306

Burns Edward P. Auburn inducted 308

Buselli Emilio Roseville enlisted 306

Butler Alexander Short Penryn enlisted 306

Butler Winfield A. Roseville Honor Roll 313 U.S. Army

Butler Winfield A. Roseville casualty 312 died while serving in the armed forces

Byard Fred. D. Newcastle Honor Roll 313 U.S. Army

Byard Fred. D. Newcastle casualty 312 died while serving in the armed forces

Byxbe Leon E. Roseville Honor Roll 313 U.S. Army

Byxbe Leon E. Roseville casualty 312 died while serving in the armed forces

Calhoun Albert G. Colfax inducted 308

Callenberg Otto Roseville inducted 308

Calvin B. Emigrant Gap inducted 308

Camlin Herbert Sylvester Auburn enlisted 306

Campbell-Walker Arthur H. inducted 308

Campole T. Clipper Gap inducted 308 Acampo

Cannon Lucius Forest Hill Divide France 311

Cannon Lucius Forest Hill inducted 308

Carl C. A. Newcastle inducted 308

Carson Ray Roseville enlisted 306

Casselman Curley Lincoln France 311

Chamberlain Rowland Lee Auburn enlisted 306

Chamberlain T.G., Lieut. Auburn France 310

Chamberlain Thomas Gassner Auburn enlisted 306

Champion Arthur Ophir inducted 308

Charlesworth Vernon L. Roseville inducted 308

Charter Arlington M. Newcastle inducted 308

Cheek Will Forest Hill Divide France 311

Christensen C. Lincoln France 311

Christiansen Christian P. Lincoln inducted 308

Clark Alvin Dutch Flat training camp 310

Clark John Dutch Flat inducted 308

Clark W. S. Roseville inducted 308

Clarke Frank B. Dutch Flat France 311

Clary H. Lincoln France 311

Clayton Harvey Fisher Roseville inducted 308

Coffey Harry J. Tahoe inducted 308

Cole Theo Auburn enlisted 306

Collins D. A. Roseville inducted 308

Colwell Ira J. Newcastle inducted 308

Conaster James Henry Lincoln enlisted 306

Conklin Joel Auburn France 310

Conklin Joel Auburn enlisted 306

Cooper Cyrus Alpheus Auburn training camp 310

Cooper George A. Lincoln inducted 308

Cooper Herbert S. Auburn inducted 308

Cooper John Ophir France 312

Cooper Johnny Ophir casualty 312 gassed in action; not fatal

Corcoran Eugene A. inducted 308

Cortopassi A. Colfax France 311

Cortopassi A. inducted 308

Cortopassi Abdenago Auburn Honor Roll 313 U.S. Army

Cortopassi Abdenago Auburn casualty 313 died while serving in the armed forces

Cortopassi Americo Paul Colfax enlisted 306

Cortopassi Peter Colfax inducted 308

Couture Carrol F. Auburn training camp 310

Crabbe Earl Auburn France 310

Crabbe Earl Raymond Auburn enlisted 306

Crockett Frank C. Forest Hill Divide France 311

Crooks Rilva Forest Hill Divide France 311 served in Siberia

Crooks River Marion Forest Hill enlisted 306

Crooks Wilbur Forest Hill Divide France 311 served in Siberia

Crosthwaite Bert Newcastle France 312

Crowder Thomas A. Roseville inducted 308

Culver Edgar L. Newcastle inducted 308

Cunningham Arthur Auburn enlisted 306

Cushman C. A. Roseville France 312

Daming Francisco inducted 308

Dapper Charles Auburn France 310

Dapper Charles Auburn inducted 308

Dapper Charlie Auburn casualty 313 finger shot off

Davidson Frederick C. Jr. Auburn inducted 308

Davis Howard Newcastle inducted 308

Day Wendell Chester Loomis training camp 310

de Golyer see Golyer, de

DeCosta M. F. Donner inducted 308

Debbio G. D. Auburn inducted 308

Decamp John Samuel Pleasant Grove enlisted 306

Del Debbio Guiseppe Auburn Honor Roll 313 U.S. Army

Del Debbio Guiseppe Auburn casualty 313 died while serving in the armed forces

Dependener Fred R. Auburn inducted 308

Dependener Fred W. Auburn France 310

Dewey Horace P. Roseville inducted 308

Diem Edgar D. Roseville inducted 308

Dillinger William Newcastle enlisted 306

Dingle Ralph M. inducted 308

Dixon Patrick Roseville enlisted 306

Dodge Curtis, Corp. Applegate France 310

Dodge Lee, Corp. Applegate France 310

Douglas Mark Auburn enlisted 306

Dunlap Jack Tahoe France 312

Dunn Lawrence J. Loomis inducted 308